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Welcome to WalkerTemple Logistics Group, LLC!

Today’s marketplace is a world of constant change which requires steadfast attention in order to remain competitive. The enlistment of services provided by a third-party logistics firm allows companies to focus on their core business while their broker coordinates matching shipments with carriers. This service, if executed properly, will furnish the ability to market and deliver goods and services more efficiently.

WalkerTemple Logistics Group, LLC is a transportation brokerage dedicated to remaining at the forefront of creative thinking in order to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. As a non-asset based logistics provider with authority to broker shipments throughout the continental United States, WTLG, LLC is not restricted by operating its own fleet. This freedom to employ the services of numerous approved carriers allows us the ability to source equipment that is best suited for the needs of the shipment at highly competitive rates, resulting in valuable cost savings and time to our customers.

The following pages of our web site will illustrate the many advantages of a business relationship with the professionals at WTLG, LLC. We are confident in our ability to accommodate all of your special requirements and establish a meaningful relationship based on unmatched customer service.

FIRST ADVANTAGE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES ~ WTLG, LLC is proud to be listed in The Gold Book of Transportation Brokers. Carriers count on the First Advantage Gold Book to find fast paying freight and develop new lanes. Gold Book Status includes brokers who pay their freight bills in 30 days or less and who meet a stringent list of requirements:

1) They must have a Surety bond or trust.
2) They must have been in business at least three years.
3) They must have proper federal operating authority.
4) They must pay their freight bills in 30 days or less with no single reference over 45 days.

These brokers really are the Gold standard! Verify Gold Book Status! or you may call (800)872-3748 for a free report on WalkerTemple Logistics Group, LLC.


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